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H2Ocean combines the mineral enriched value of sea salt and the antibacterial properties of lysozyme to develop safeeffective, and natural aftercare products. H2Ocean’s aftercare products are the only sea salt and water based aftercare formulas legally available in the United States.

Sea Salt

Sodium-MoleculeSalt is essential for all life, just like air and water. The mineral content of seawater is extremely close to that of human bodily fluids, such as extracellular fluid and amniotic fluid. Sea salt contains over 80 trace elements and minerals that are essential to keeping the cells in your body healthy. H2Ocean’s patented products contain the most naturally derived sea salt. Saline solutions and similar products use sodium chloride instead of sea salt. Sodium chloride (table salt) is mined from dirt or concrete basins. It then goes through refining processes to make a white crystallized molecular structure depleted of all essential minerals. Unrefined sea salt supplies over 80 vital trace minerals, thereby promoting optimum biological function and cellular maintenance.


Lysozyme-MoleculeLysozyme is a protein naturally occurring in many organisms such as plants, insects, birds, reptiles and mammals. In mammals, lysozyme is found in nasal secretions, saliva, tears, intestines, urine and milk. Lysozyme’s natural function in biological liquids (tears, saliva, salt water secretions) is to attack bacteria foreign to the body. A bacteria invading the body through any typical route: eyes, mouth, nose, cut, etc. will meet up with the human immunological system, of which lysozyme is a critical part. Biologically, lysozyme attacks the cell wall of certain bacteria (all gram positive and a few gram negative). By nicking the cell in numerous spots, lysozyme gradually weakens the wall. When the osmotic pressure within the cell is too much for the weakened wall to withstand, the bacterium will burst. The cell wall lysing function is where the enzyme received its name. Lysozyme plays a vital role in protecting your body every day. H2Ocean is helping to provide this same protection topically at the piercing or tattoo site.

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