Placement: Traditionally placed on the flare of the nostril on either side or both.

Healing Time: 3-4 months or more

Jewelry: 18g – 16g Nostril Screw or Bead Ring

Troubleshooting: This piercing can be very susceptible to getting little bumps (hypertrophic scarring). These are formed in many cases because they are being slept on. To help avoid these bumps, try not to sleep on your piercing. Sleeping on a donut shaped pillow with your piercings in the middle can help a lot to avoid the bumps and getting rid of any that form. Taking your piercing out should be a last resort. If you have questions, it is always best to ask your piercer to help you.

Aftercare: We suggest cleaning your piercings with H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray 2 – 4 times a day. Refer to our Aftercare Instructions for more details.

Retiring: This piercing can close very quickly, so if you want to keep this piercing, it’s best to always leave the jewelry in. The scarring is minimal with an uneventful healing process.

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