Surface Bars

Placement: Can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body. The success of the piercing is based on if it’s in a area where it won’t get hit or rubbed and in an area with the correct shape for the jewelry.

Healing Time: 6-9 months

Jewelry:  The jewelry is called a “surface bar” or an “L-bar”, but surface bars can have different shapes (see photos)

Troubleshooting: Redness around the entry points is normal. You’ll want to start massaging the piercing after a month or two of having it in the shower to remove dirt that may be caught in the piercing tunnel.

Aftercare: We suggest cleaning your piercings with H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray 2 – 4 times a day. Refer to our Aftercare Instructions for more details.

Retiring: Always keep a good eye on it for rejection signs, like dryness and redness in the middle of the piercing. It needs to be removed immediately if it’s starting to reject. The scars for surface bars are almost always really visible especially if it started to reject. You might want to consider using something like Mederma to help with removing scars after it’s removed.

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