Transverse Tragus

Placement: This piercing goes vertically through the actual tragus. (not to be confused with the sideburn piercing see surface piercings)

Healing Time: 3-9 months or longer

Jewelry: 16g curved barbell

Troubleshooting:. This piecing is highly dependent on the shape of your tragus. This piercing is susceptible to migrating. Just look out for really dry skin and thinning of the tissue in the middle, this could mean your piercing is migrating. Come into Master Pierce if you have any questions on the healing of your piercing.

Aftercare: We suggest cleaning your piercings with H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray 2 – 4 times a day. Refer to our Aftercare Instructions for more details.

Small marks will probably be seen where the piercing entered and exited the skin. If migration occurred, the scarring can be worse. The condition of the piercing and the reason why you removed it will determine the final appearance.

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